Life Coaching

Our life ebbs and flows.  Many of us are trying to live our best life by adapting and incorporating what we learn from our life experiences, from those we most value and from leaders that have paved the way for new paths and new endeavours.  Living life purposefully and with meaning is a way that is conscious, mindful and authentic. It starts with a decision.  It starts with the desire to pay attention to your inner awareness.  It starts with exploring new paths.

Making sense of it all can be a struggle.  Sometimes there is a mess. What to pay attention to?  What to disregard?  What to change?  These questions rise to the surface.  What is happening is that your heart is beginning to make itself known to you and wanting to take the lead.  And this is when you know that life is going to get interesting.

Our life coaching helps you to make sense of what feels like being stuck and helps you to move through this period with meaning and purpose.  We lead you to what is being referred to as finding your authentic self. We call this finding your Strategic Self ©. It is a private and intimate journey.  We recognize this.  We help you with this journey to find the path that is much more clear, new and relevant.

We understand the stages of life and the stages of business.  Oftentimes they are co-mingled and one life event can affect our careers and business or vice-versa.  Separating our careers and lives is becoming more challenging.  We believe that this is not a coincidence.  We are meant to take a look at our entire life at times in life checkpoints.  Sometimes these checkpoints make themselves very clear.  Sometimes it is just a feeling.  The important thing is to just get started.  To listen.  To pay attention.  To do the inner reviews.  To begin the change.  To make 'it', whatever 'it' is to happen.  A goal. A shift. A path. A decision.  An awareness. Big or small. For yourself. For your family. For your business.  It starts here.  With us as your life coach. Helping you and supporting you.